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Department of Intergovernmental Affairs

Department of Internal Services

Judicial Council

Department of Justice

Department of Labour and Advanced Education

Labour Board

Labour Relations Board

Labour Standards Tribunal

Department of Lands and Forests

Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia

Department of Mines and Energy

Department of Municipal Affairs (1935-1996)

Department of Municipal Affairs (2014- )

Natural Products Marketing Council

Department of Natural Resources (1925-1930)

Department of Natural Resources (1991- )

Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency

Nova Scotia Archives

Nova Scotia Boxing Authority

Nova Scotia Business Incorporated

Nova Scotia Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation

Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission

Nova Scotia Environmental Assessment Board

Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board

Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Board

Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children Special Operating Agency

Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

Nova Scotia Innovation Corporation

Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission

Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

Nova Scotia Municipal Finance Corporation

Nova Scotia Museum

Nova Scotia Pension Agency

Police Complaints Commissioner

Nova Scotia Police Review Board

Nova Scotia Power Finance Corporation

Nova Scotia Primary Forest Products Marketing Board

Nova Scotia Securities Commission

Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board

Nova Scotia Voluntary Planning Board

Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Appeals Tribunal

Nova Scotia Youth Secretariat

Office of Planning and Priorities

Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness


Policy and Priorities Committee


Private Career College Board

Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation

Department of Provincial Secretary


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