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Lord Halifax to Governor Wilmot.

ST. JAMES'S, Feby. 11th, 1764.      

SIR, —

      In my Letter of the 26th of November last, I transmitted to You the Copy of the Letter by which I signified The King's Pleasure to His Ambassador at Paris to make Remonstrances to the French Ministers on the Intelligence given me by the late Lieutenant Governor Belcher that Endeavours had been used through the Agency of the Sieur de la Rochette (who was said to be a Clerk to The Duc de Nivernois) to seduce away the Acadians from your Government, & persuade them to return to France.

      From the Knowledge which I have of that Nobleman's Character, I was from the first persuaded that he was incapable of being concerned in so dishonourable a Proceeding. And I have now the Satisfaction to acquaint You that I have received a Letter from His Grace containing the Strongest Assurances of his being entirely innocent, and ignorant, of any such Attempt, and considering the very Suspicion as injurious to His Honour. I have also, at His Grace's Desire, interrogated the Sieur de la Rochette, who positively denies having ever written a Line to any Acadian in Nova Scotia, either with, or without, The Duke of Nivernois's Orders. But having been employed by that Nobleman to transact the Removal of a Number of Acadians who were brought hither, and whom His Majesty gave leave, at The Duke's Request, to return to France, he presumes that some of those People have written in his Name the Letters which were laid before The Council of Nova Scotia.

      Since these Transactions the French Ambassador here having taken Occasion in a Memorial, to mention the Situation of the Acadians, and to desire that His Majesty would permit them to retire to France, Lord Hertford was instructed to return a proper Answer thereupon to the Court of France. And You will see, by the inclosed Extract of His Excellency's Letter to me, that the French Ministry entirely acquiesce in His Majesty's Right to dispose of those People, as He sees proper, and do not pretend, in any Degree, to interfere in Their Behalf. I therefore send you these several Informations, that You may be enabled to do Justice to the respectable Character of the Duc de Nivernois, and to disabuse the poor Acadians, and prevent their entertaining any future Hope of

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