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Records of the Deportation and Le Grand Dérangement, 1714-1768


Flour, 180   0   9 at 15s.
Bread,  69   1   8 at 18s.
Pork, 18 Barrs. & 84 lbs.
      at 43s. 8d.
To Cash paid neces-
      sary for the Sick,

Deduct 20 p. Cent,


To the passage of 52 persons more than the
      Complemt. of 2 to a ton, at 5s. 4d.

Allowed for Caboose platfm. & Hhds.



      At a Council holden at the Governor's House in Halifax on Monday the 26th Jany. 1756.  


The Lieutenant Governor.

      Jno. Collier, Councilor  
      Jno. Rous, Councilor  
      Willm. Cotterell, Councilor  
      Montague Willmott, Councilor  
      Robt. Monckton, Councilor Chas. Morris,* Councilor  
      *   *   *   * The Lieutenant Governor presented to the Council a Letter which he had received from Lieutt. Governor Phip's dated the 18th of December 1755 enclosing a Vote of the Council and House of Representatives of the Massachusetts Government, both which he desired might be read, and

    * Hon. Charles Morris was a native of New England. He was a practical Surveyor, and, under the direction of Governor Shirley, of Boston, in 1745 or 6, made a survey of the whole of Nova Scotia, with a view to British Colonization. This survey was sent to the Board of Trade and Plantations, accompanied by a concise account of the state of the province at that date; a copy of which is preserved among the public Archives at Halifax. Capt. Morris commanded one of the six independent companies sent by Shirley to Minas and Grand Pre, under Noble, in the winter of 1746-7, when he distinguished himself before the enemy. He was at Halifax in 1749, and was engaged by Cornwallis to lay out the town, in conjunction with Mr. Bruce, the Military Engineer. His appointment to the Council bears date 30th Decr., 1755. He was the first Surveyor General of the Province, and he also acted for several,

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