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Records of the Deportation and Le Grand Dérangement, 1714-1768


Complements waits on you. My Complements to Major Whitworth and all the Gentelmen and Please to accept of the Same from Sir your Sincere Frind & Humble Servant,


      P.S. pray Favor me with a Line pr First oppertunity.

To Colo Winslow Commander of the Troops at Mines pr Capt Adams.




      I reced your Favor by Capt Nickols of ye 23rd of August Last with Pleasure and rejoyce to hear that the Lines are Fallen to you in Pleasant Places and that you have a Goodly Herritage.

      I Understand you are Surrounded with the Good things of This world and by having a Sanctified place for your habitation hope you will be Prepared for the Enjoyment of another.

      We are Mouldring away our Time in your absence which has rendered this place to me worse than a Prison. We have Only this to Comfort us that we are as Nigh heaven here as you are at Mines and Since we are Denyed our Good things in this world Doubt not but we Shall be happy in the Next.

      It is with Greif that I Inform you that on the 2nd Inst Majr Frye being at Shipodia where he was ordered to Burn the Buildings and bring of the Women & Children the number of which was Only Twenty Three which he had Sent on Board and Burnd 253 Buildings and hand Sent 50 Men on Shore to Burn ye Mass House and Some other Buildings which was the Last they had to do. when about 300 French & Indians Came Suddenly on them Kild Doctr March, Shot Lievt Billings throh the Body & throh ye Arm & Kild or Took 22 and wounded Six more they retreated to ye Dikes and Majr Fry Landed with what men he Could Get on Shore and Made a Stand but their numbers being Superior to ours were Forst to retreat. Capt Malcolm has been under arest for about Eight Days for taking Liberty of Colo Monckton to Cal Lievt Bowen to answer Some afronte he had reced from sd Bowen at Cobegate where Mr. Bowen Took the Liberty to Say in Public Company that Colonel Winslow & Majr Preble was Cypers and Less than Cypers in regard to Command in the Regiment, this I have Taken under Three Commission officers hands which they are ready to Sware too, have Lain the affair before Colo Monckton and Told him I Could not Packett Such an affronte on my reputation. and if I where too I Knew you would not, and Desiered he would put Mr. Bowen under arest. He Said there was no Need of it but if I Insisted on it he Should he Brought to a General Court Martial.

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