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Yarmouth County has evolved and changed a lot throughout the years, but one thing remains the same and that’s the determination and hard-working nature of our residents. We have been fortunate to have many prominent and dedicated men and women who have helped build and grow Yarmouth County. From the shipping merchants to our artists, from the business moguls to our farmers and from our volunteers to our soldiers, Yarmouth can be proud to say that our locals have always had what’s best for this community at the center of their hearts. In addition to our wonderful people, Yarmouth has had many elements that go into the shaping our area and this is why we chose to focus on several aspects as opposed to just one element in this album. You will see images and documents that show how the shipping industry, our military, our businesses, our people, and our organizations all play vital roles in how our town functions and how it has evolved through the years.

The Yarmouth County Museum and Archives is an award-winning organization that houses over 20,000 artifacts, 25,000 photographs and thousands of documents that combine to tell the rich story of Yarmouth County’s history and heritage. Incorporated as a museum in 1958, we have always strived to collect and preserve our region’s historical data, records and objects as well as help promote the importance of preserving our past.

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