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An Outing, Mineville

Date: [ca. 1910]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0147P024

Oxen Teams, Porters Lake

Date: [ca. 1920]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0100P002

Naugle Home, West Lawrencetown

Date: [ca. 1906]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0143P011

MacDonald Hotel, Lawrencetown

Date: [ca. 1945]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0143P004

Fishing Shack, Three Fathom Harbour

Date: 1955

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0127P013

Ox With Bobsled, Seaforth

Date: [ca. 1920]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0109P001

Hay Making, Grand Desert

Date: [ca. 1930]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives photograph

Saint Anselm's, West Chezzetcook

Date: [ca. 1955]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0126P013

Walking Tour, Head Chezzetcook

Date: [ca. 1930]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives 8.1 H. Conrod fonds

Special Outing, East Chezzetcook

Date: [ca. 1917]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0157P012

Meisner's Island, Lower East Chezzetcook

Date: [ca. 1926]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives 2009.018

Sailing Vessels,West Petpeswick

Date: [ca. 1910]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0067P006

Digging Clams. East Petpeswick

Date: 1935

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0067P031

Logan & Sutherland Mill, Musquodoboit Harbour

Date: 18 August 1903

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0067P038

General Seafoods, Ostrea Lake

Date: [ca. 1945]

Reference:  Eastern Shore Archives D0047P007

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