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Nova Scotia's Heritage Newspaper Collection — the largest and most comprehensive gathering of historical newspapers in the province — is maintained at the Nova Scotia Archives. The collection includes over 750 titles — dailies, tri-weeklies, weeklies, everything from the inaugural issue of the Halifax Gazette, 23 March 1752 (Canada's first newspaper) to last week's Bridgewater Bulletin. There are even scattered holdings for newspapers published provincially but in other languages such as French, Gaelic and German.

Long-running Halifax newspapers did not begin until the Acadian Recorder (1813) and the Novascotian (1823). Provincial weeklies began to appear in the 1830s, although good coverage from around the province did not happen until very late in the century. From the earliest days, newspapers included small advertisements describing houses and properties for sale; by the mid-20th century, extensive real-estate listings were routine.

Photographs began to accompany news items during the early 20th century, and together these two provide invaluable detail for understanding built heritage and community change over time. Many local newspapers also had 'anonymous' correspondents who submitted noteworthy events from their communities. These weekly columns often mentioned private residences, churches, stores and other buildings under construction, and frequently reported when owners moved into new residences or celebrated house warmings.

Newsprint is a fragile medium, and since these publications constitute a significant provincial record, most major newspapers in the Nova Scotia Archives holdings have now been microfilmed and are available onsite for research purposes, only in that format. A variety of finding aids and guides will help you determine what newspapers were published in your community, and what issues have survived for you to explore.

"Valuable and Elegant Residence in Brunswick Street"

Date: 21 November 1860

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Newspaper Collection: Halifax Morning Sun, 21 November 1860, p. 3 col. 6

Topic: Newspapers

"The Splendid Residence in Brunswick Street"

Date: 13 June 1862

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Newspaper Collection: Halifax Morning Sun, 13 June, 1862, p. 2 col. 6

Topic: Newspapers

"New Advertisements"

Date: 5 April 1867

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Newspaper Collection: Acadian Recorder, 5 April 1867, p. 3 col. 1

Topic: Newspapers

"Showing New and Old Roads (Jeddore)"

Date: September 1930

Reference: Department of TransportationNova Scotia Archives Halifax Co.: Roads: Jeddore

Topic: Newspapers

Judge Jonathan McCully's House, 2507 Brunswick Street, Halifax, NS

Date: 1964

Photographer: Robert Jones

Reference: Nova Scotia Archives Photo Collection: Halifax: Houses: McCully House

Topic: Newspapers

Judge Jonathan McCully's Mansion, 2507 Brunswick Street, Halifax, NS

Date: ca. 1967

Photographer: Barbara Smith

Reference: Heritage Trust of Nova ScotiaNova Scotia Archives accession no. 1982-560

Topic: Newspapers


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