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Booking Services for Public Meeting Rooms

Akins Room

Temporary Closure

Given the concern regarding COVID-19 and recent guidance from Public Health officials, the Nova Scotia Archives has officially closed to the public as of Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. We thank you for your patience.


Meeting-room facilities at the Public Archives Site, 6016 University Avenue, are available for booking by government departments and agencies and by outside organizations (non-profit, for-profit and corporate). Space is made available at the discretion of the Nova Scotia Archives, according to fees, guidelines and conditions set out for public use (see below). Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the suspension of booking privileges for the outside organization, government department or agency concerned.


Meeting-Rooms Availability

Monday to Friday — 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday evening — to 8:30 pm

Saturday — 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Closed on Sundays, Statutory Holidays and Saturdays falling within Holiday Weekends. Researchers and visitors are advised to consult the Holiday Schedule to confirm Statutory Holidays observed in Nova Scotia.


Meeting-Room Facilities

Akins Room — Main Floor, Archives Building

Seating for one hundred (100); stacking chairs; tables; lectern; projection screen; free WiFi; data projector; HDMI/VGA, Windows 10/Mac OSX compatible; microphone; kitchen facilities (fridge, microwave, stove, sink,100-cup coffee urn, 35-cup coffee urn, electric kettle); flip chart and paper is available ($10 per day)


Government departments and agencies — $200.00 per day ($125.00 / half-day)

For-profit and corporate organizations — $200.00 per day ($125.00 / half-day)

Non-profit organizations — $150.00 per day ($100.00 / half-day)


Please Note: Laptops are not provided and technical assistance is not available. Operation of all equipment is the sole responsibility of the party booking the room.


Chase Exhibit Room - Main Floor, Archives Building

Exhibit and reception space; maximum occupancy of 200. Seating, sound equipment and projection equipment not available.


Government departments and agencies — $400.00 per event * or day

For-profit and corporate organizations — $400.00 per event * or day

Non-profit organizations — $250.00 per event or day

* An event is one exhibit installation, for a maximum of one calendar month; or one reception/special event use for not more than 3 days.


Please Note: All installations and removals of exhibitions, and set-up and clean-up for receptions, are the sole responsibility of the party booking the room.


Public washrooms, water fountain, unmonitored cloakroom and pay phone are adjacent to meeting rooms. All public areas are accessible by the physically challenged.


Booking and Payment Policy


Inquiries — 902-424-6060 Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Bookings are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Comments, questions or concerns regarding the Payment Policy or the Guidelines and Conditions for Use should be directed to the Nova Scotia Archives 902-424-6060.


Payment Policy

  • a 10% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.  Government departments and agencies who cancel bookings will be billed the 10% deposit at the time of cancellation
  • signed Room Booking Agreement must accompany 10% deposit payment
  • written confirmation of date(s) and time(s) booked, plus receipt for deposit payment will be issued.
  • balance of payment required no later than the day of use for all room bookings
  • please make cheques and money orders payable to 'Public Archives of Nova Scotia'
  • failure to notify the Nova Scotia Archives regarding cancellation of booking may result in termination of future booking privileges


Guidelines and Conditions for Use

Nova Scotia Archives Building
  • The Nova Scotia Archives is a scent-free building; please refrain from wearing perfume or other scented personal products when attending on-site meetings and events. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the building. The use of candles, incense and other open flame or smoking devices is also strictly prohibited.
  • The Nova Scotia Archives Parking Lot is not available to attendees of meetings or events in booked rooms during weekday hours.
  • Groups can access meeting-rooms no earlier than 8:15 am Monday-Friday, and 8:45 am Saturday.
  • Groups must vacate meeting-rooms no later than 4:15 pm Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday; 8:45 pm Wednesday; and 4:45 pm Saturday.
  • Archives Staff cannot accept phone calls, take messages, or provide phone, fax or copying services for individuals attending activities in any of the meeting-rooms.


Set up and Use of Public Meeting-Rooms
  • Groups using the Akins Room may arrange the furniture to suit their set-up needs, but only after the building has opened; after use, furniture must be returned to theatre-seating configuration (see diagram in Kitchen, next to phone). Archives staff cannot provide this service.
  • Use of the facilities is contingent upon groups keeping meeting-rooms clean. Coffee urns and the kitchen area must be cleaned after use; all garbage must be bagged.
  • Groups must bring their own supplies for coffee-making (coffee, cups, cream, etc.) The Archives does not have storage facilities for these supplies. The Archives is not responsible for articles and supplies left behind after meetings or events.
  • Caterers are welcome for groups using meeting-room facilities. Please let Archives Staff know of your arrangements, including the name of the caterer and when they will arrive. For groups using the Akins Room, deliveries are made directly to that room. Remember — it is your responsibility, and/or that of your caterer, to clean up after the function. Archives staff cannot provide this service.
  • Liquor may be served in the Nova Scotia Archives meeting-rooms, provided that the proper licence has been obtained from the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Workforce Development, and is posted during the event. Archives staff cannot provide this service.
  • The Akins Room cannot be used for aerobics, running, skipping, throwing activities, or for any other purposes which would disrupt researchers or staff, or otherwise endanger artwork, equipment or furniture.
  • Art work on the walls of the Akins Room is part of the Nova Scotia Archives Documentary Art Collection. Care should be taken not to touch or handle these art works in any way. Signs, posters, flip-chart sheets, etc. cannot be affixed to paintings, frames, or to either of the walls on which paintings are hung.


Technical Requirements
  • Groups using the Akins Room are strongly encouraged to visit prior to the day of their meeting or event to review furniture configuration and to ensure compatibility of equipment. Please note that technical assistance is not available. Operation of equipment is the sole responsibility of the party booking the room.
  • Conference call and tele-conferencing facilities are not available.
  • Wireless Internet access is available throughout the Lobby and Ground Floor; personal computers and laptops for guest use are not available. Please note that technical assistance is not available. Operation of equipment is the sole responsibility of the party booking the room.
  • Please report any equipment problems to the Reception Desk, however, please note that technical assistance is not available. Operation of equipment is the sole responsibility of the party booking the room.


Security and Liability Responsibilities
  • Outside organizations meeting in the building are responsible for noting the location of the nearest emergency exit in relation to the meeting-rooms; and reading aloud the Emergency Exit Procedures at the start of every meeting or event. In the event of a fire alarm, group members MUST leave the building promptly and follow the directions of Archives staff or security guards regarding assembly in an appropriate area and authorized return to the building after the alarm has ended.
  • The Nova Scotia Archives assumes no liability for the personal safety and security of individuals or their belongings, attending on-site meetings and events. Outside organizations booking use of Archives' meeting-room facilities are advised to carry Liability Insurance protecting themselves for the duration of the rental period. Coverage should include the Province of Nova Scotia as an additional named, insured body; and should include a clause holding the Province blameless for any injuries or damages sustained by the said organization, its employees and/or guests during the rental period, as well as indemnifying the Province for any loss it may suffer as a result of any claim.
  • Repair of any damages incurred or cleaning services required due to a meeting or event will be billed to the party booking the room.
  • The Nova Scotia Archives reserves the right to pre-empt meeting space and cancel bookings if the room is required for Archives' purposes; if payment has been made in advance, a full refund will be issued.
  • The Nova Scotia Archives reserves the right to cancel bookings in the event of storms, power outages or other emergency conditions; if payment has been made in advance, a full refund will be issued.
  • The Nova Scotia Archives reserves the right to refuse bookings from organizations who have failed to comply with the 'Payment Policy' and/or 'Guidelines and Conditions for Use', or who have failed to notify the Nova Scotia Archives in advance, regarding cancellation of room booking.