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8 March 2017
Lois Yorke

When we sat down with recently-retired Provincial Archivist Lois Yorke, we were hoping for insight into the history of our beloved institution and into Lois’s long career. We got that and more! Lois is well-known and respected in the archives world and it is a treat (for this archives-nerd) to hear her reflections on our Archives, the profession, and her plans for retirement.

What was your first job or project at Nova Scotia Archives?

16 February 2017
Board Landing Bridge

I remember, as a child, walking down Tidal Bore Road, climbing over the guardrail and sitting on the edge of the road to dangle my feet where a bridge once was, watching the tide come in from the Bay of Fundy. We would measure the tide by watching it rise up the old bridge footing.

5 October 2016
Report of Seth Coleman 4 July 1801

Archives are full of stories. Stories of ancestors and communities, of war and industry, of progress and art. The sweeping sagas of immigrants and newly-carved townships. The small moments captured in snapshots. Some stories come easily, through iconic MacAskill photographs, a rich trove of vital statistics, or a family journal. Some stories you need to work for.