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Les Afro-Néo-Écossais à l'époque de l'esclavage et de l'abolition

R. v. Andrews (Acte d'accusation de Samuel Andrews Jr. pour le meurtre d'une « femme noire du nom de Jude »)
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Loyalist Samuel Andrews Sr. of Tusket River, Yarmouth County, and his sons Samuel and John were tried in 1801 for the murder of their slave 'Jude' the previous year. They claimed that her death was accidental. Medical evidence showed that she had been killed by a blow from a "blunt pointed instrument." A fellow slave, 'Diana', who referred to Jude as "my sister", testified to having seen John and Samuel Andrews standing beside Jude, each with "a stick about the size of an iron candle stick and of the length of my arm". The jury acquitted the Andrews. Samuel's wife Mary was also indicted but not tried.

date: 19 May 1801

numéro de référence: Shelburne County Special Court of Oyer and Terminer  Nova Scotia Archives RG 42 SH vol. 1 file 4

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